Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Sunny Wedding - Salcombe - Devon - SalcombeHarbour Hotel and Crabbers

Mark and Olivia's Sunny Salcombe Wedding

Olivia was born and brought up in beautiful Salcombe in South Devon. Her father is a local Crab Fisherman, so it was great to have the Crabbers moored in the Town for a photo opportunity and to celebrate the wedding day.

Olivia and her Bridesmaids got ready at the home she grew up in, inChurch Street, Salcombe just a short walk to the ceremony at Holy Trinity Church.

The reception was held at the chic and contemporary Salcombe Harbour Hotel.

Olivia and Mark left the Church in the back of her dads pick-up and driven through the narrow streets of the town towards normandy Quay where photos were taken with the Crabbers. they were then whisked off to the hotels jetty via the Harbour Office's launch.

Now, the last set of images show the couple in the bath! it was a little odd to be running a bath for them at 8.30 in the evening, but Olivia had mentioned the roll top bath and said she wanted a photo, I didn't want the usual couple in theor wedding clothes in a bath photo, as always feel it odd, so I mentioned about a full bubble bath and Olivia and Mark jumped at the chance!keeping things decent we had a riot and it made the day definitely one to remember!

Enjoy these lovely sunny photos!

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